Professional Organizing and Professional Speaking

Pick Your Topic - Anita Will Do a "Taylored" Presentation for YOU or Your Organization!

S.O.S. - Simplify - Organize - Succeed

This is your “de-stress” call when you’re swamped by paper, pinched for space and racing the clock. Professional Organizer Anita Taylor shares her proven tools, tips and techniques to show that when you Simplify and Organize, you Succeed and can enjoy clear sailing through your home and office.

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Stack the Desk in YOUR Favor

Do you fight stacks of paper, hunt for permission slips or can’t stand the condition of your home office? Break the cycle of piling, hunting and shuffling paper when Professional Organizer Anita Taylor shares the magic of the Tickler System and other creative ways to control those annoying paper mountains! 

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Make the Most of Your Minutes

Every day we have 24 hours to use to do the things we “must” and want to do. Stop racing the clock, forget the myth of “managing” time and start to design YOUR personalized plan to make the MOST of every day!

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Clutter, Clutter Everywhere!

Clutter is what blocks your ability to use, cherish and preserve important things in your home and office. Professional Organizer Anita Taylor will share hints and ideas to “reclaim” your home, office and even your dining room table with simple systems! 

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The Organized Child - Is There One In Your Family?

Most parents will admit that the frantic last minute searches and the constant mess everywhere are what drive them CRAZY! Join Anita Taylor to learn “how to” incorporate a “Taylorized” approach that will make life with YOUR child less frantic and more fun! Finding the right ideas and skills that work in YOUR family will be our ultimate goal of the evening!

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Be Prepared - Do You Have a Grab 'n Go Bag?

If you had to leave your home with an hour or less notice, would you know where every important document connected to your life was? This workshop will give you the tools to prepare YOUR personal bag and a specific plan so you can leave in a hurry or call someone to find your bag if you’re not there to get it yourself. Also discussed will be what to have if you are not able to return to your home. 

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Use 'em or Lose 'em - How to Keep Your Volunteers

Volunteers are a key part of every non-profit’s structure and recruiting, utilizing and retaining them is equally vital. This interactive workshop has creative ideas on how to utilize their energy and ideas. Participants are invited to share stories about their successes and challenges. 

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